Trees 2023

Garrison, MN, May 2023 – Sandelands Realty, a local brokerage in Garrison, MN is aiding in land and water preservation for future generations. For 2023, the Brokerage has donated 200 trees from the Mille Lacs Soil & Water District (MLSWD) for the inaugural Sandelands Realty Tree Planting, in honor of Earth/Arbor Days.

With the help of Willow Shields, Father Hennepin Assistant Manager, 100 trees were planted on Sunday, May 7 by Sandelands Realty’s Broker, Agents and their families at Father Hennepin State Park in Isle, MN. An additional 100 trees will be planted at Kathio State Park in Onamia, MN by a group of volunteers coordinated by Erin Fallon, Park Naturalist.

Willow Shields and Eric Frieholtz plant the first Plum tree.

The MLSWD holds an annual spring conservation tree sale to encourage tree planting in Mille Lacs County. Through this sale, MLSWD distributes more than 10,000 trees each year to over 100 residents who plant trees for birds and wildlife, shelter belts, and soil and water conservation.

According to MLSWD, trees and shrubs roots serve to stabilize soil and prevent erosion from storm water runoff. They also filter and cleanse water running through the soil to the groundwater below. Many species being offered provide food and shelter for birds and wildlife year-round. Trees can also increase the value of properties and conserve energy by shading homes in summer and sheltering them from cold winds in winter.

Sandelands Realty is delighted to support the Mille Lacs Soil & Water District in their effort to encourage tree planting in our community and believe that preserving land and water is crucial for the well-being of future generations, and we are proud to be a part of this initiative.

Willow Shields, Assistant Manager at Father Hennepin State Park, stated that the red maple, paper birch, and plum trees donated by Sandelands Realty, which were planted this past Sunday, will enhance the screening and privacy between campsites in their Maple Grove and Group Camp camping areas. “Each Fall, we have to remove hazard trees from these areas, and so it will be wonderful to add some new trees back to areas that provide privacy and shade between campsites,” said Shields.

At Kathio State Park, the donated balsam fir, red pine, and black spruce trees are designated for the ‘Forest Through Time’ section of the trail.

These tree species were needed to continue our ongoing work on the ‘Forest Through Time’ section of trail,” said Erin Fallon, Park Naturalist. “In order to keep the timeline as true to the idea as possible, we have to maintain and manipulate the trail as needed. We have come to the point that more trees need to be planted, to make up for the trees that didn’t make it over the years. Planting trees is only one part of this process, but an important one!

The MLSWD and the parks encourage everyone to get involved in tree planting initiatives. “Our longest running effort involves planting to get the forest more to what it was like pre-European settlement,” said the Kathio State Park representative. “There are so many benefits to planting trees, having a diverse forest is one of them. I encourage people to involve children whenever they can to get them interested in helping our planet. These positive connections are something that will be very beneficial for future generations.

Wrapping up after a rewarding morning’s work.
We will return in 2024!

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