About Malmo

The village of Malmo on the northeast shore of Mille Lacs was named after Malmo, Sweden, in honor of the Swedish immigrants who settled there. Like all lake communities, Malmo prides itself on serving seasonal visitors. Two churches, gas stations, café, convenience store, a flower shop, a new upholstery facility, a recreational vehicle repair outlet, liquor store, laundromat, boat storage and repair service and nearby resorts and supper clubs are among the facilities available. Malmo Memorial Park offers picnic tables, sand-bottom swimming and a well-maintained public access site.


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MALMO Township is named for the large city of Malmo in southern Sweden, on the sound opposite Copenhagen. Malmo, an unincorporated community in Malmo Township, sections 5 and 32, was settled in the early 1880s; the major industries were logging, farming, hoop making, and a creamery; the post office was established in the Nyquist store, 1889-1954.

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